cincin (Chang Yuchin)

cincin (Taiwan) Residence: March to April 2020

cincin (Chang Yuchin) is a traveling illustrator from Taipei, Taiwan currently based in the world. Since graduated from Nuova Academia di Bella Arte, Milano as a bachelor of Graphic Design and Art direction, she has been consistently traveling around the world, as well as keeping her creative flow continued with illustration and story telling. 

She works with both traditional and digital media, recently fell in love with crayons and consistently experiment with different materials while working with illustrations.

Her works usually focus a lot on the relationships between human and nature, specially the interactions between human, human inner self and the environment. She likes to create stories or ideas based on the observations she has while traveling, and layered up with researches or different semiotic ideas within thoughts, and communicate with a bright and light tone of voice through her drawings. 

cincin has worked with children book publishers and children editorials, as well has quite a bit of experiences on curating her own or co exhibitions. For her, it is important for her to realise her personal universe in front of the audience.

During her stay at Kura, she would work on developing a story for picture book talking about the dancing giant and earthquake.