Alexander James Romero

Alexander James Romero (United States) Residence: June 2016

Alexander James Romero is currently studying art in Denver Colorado with a focus in printmaking, drawing and painting.
He will be graduating Metropolitan State University with a Bachelor of Fine Art in printmaking in 2017, he currently shows work in galleries across the Denver Metropolitan area. Alexander is fascinated by Japanese wood block printing and the integration and innovation of technology that Japan has adopted.

His work revolves around the duality of existence that he believes his generation finds itself in. That duality is perpetuated from the over-use of technology and the effects that it has on the psyche. He displays these effects through traditional methods so that he can juxtapose the ephemeral nature of the digital world with the everlasting nature of print and painting. So he creates a language that will portray this duality of existence through paint, using thick impasto “voids” to communicate the void many find themselves in day to day.

“I plan on painting from life while here in Japan to portray what it means to live in this duality of existence through the digital realm and the physical realm. This means that I have set out to paint the people that I meet during my stay at Studio Kura which brings some type of chance to the practice as I will know no one when I first arrive.”

– Alexander James Romero’s website