Anne-Sophie Guillet

Anne-Sophie Guillet (Belgium) Residence: August 2017

Anne-Sophie Guillet is a French photographer, born in Oxford, UK. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2013 with an MFA in visual arts and photography in Belgium. She currently lives and works in Brussels, BE.

Her work has been shown in various places US, Belgium, Poland, Canada, Australia including Japan in Kobe at the Mt Rokko international photo Festival in 2016. More recently in April 2017, her series Komorebi was exhibited as a solo show in Brussels at the gallery La Part du Feu.

It is her second time at Studio Kura as she already came last summer to develop a new body of work combining photography and videos ( click here for her previous profile page and her exhibition page in 2016). They relate the discovery of a place beyond words, the experience of a new time-space to investigate and live. This work initiated during her stay is entitled Komorebi. Anne-Sophie Guillet felt the urge to come back with more equipment to Kura to pursue her research on the surrounding nature and to register sounds.

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-Anne-Sophie Guillet received an arts grant from Wallonia-Brussels International to complete the residency at Studio Kura.