Anu Raatikainen

Anu Raatikainen (Finland) Residence: April 2019

Anu Raatikainen is a Finnish multidisciplinary artist based in Helsinki, Finland. She graduated from Finnish Academy of Fine Arts with a Master´s Degree in December 2017. Anu has been participating in many group and solo exhibitions in Finland and Sweden. She has been a deputy board member in Finnish Light Art Association from 2018 onwards. She was just granted a half a year working grant from Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Working with painting, drawing, video, performance and 3D- animation Anu has also developed a unique technique of light drawing that makes use of special painting medium and paper. Light has been a unifying factor as a medium, theme and a metaphor in Anu´s practice that has otherwise spread to different media and experiments.

In Studio Kura Anu aims to create a new series of translucent light drawings, influenced by surrounding visual culture. In addition, her goal is to film video material for her ongoing project. Part of the light art works created in Studio Kura will be shown in her solo exhibition held in Helsinki in Nov-Dec 2019.

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-Anu Raatikainen has been supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland to travel and participate the residency at Studio Kura.