Carol Swain

Carol Swain (Australia) Residence: August 2018

Carol Swain is a visual artist based in Castlemaine, a small country town in North West Victoria Australia. She completed her Master in Contemporary Art at Victoria College of the Art in
Melbourne, Australia in 2012. In 2011 receiving the Langridge Oil Painting Award, Post Graduate Show Victorian College of the Art. Carol was a finalist in 2013, 2014, group show – ‘She’ at Walker Street Art Gallery – Dandenong, Victoria, Australia.
Carol’s work has been shown in various artist spaces and Galleries both group and solo shows in Melbourne and Castlemaine.

Carol’s practice explores the abstract forms in the natural environment which act as a vehicle to her connection to the subtle nuances of colour and how colour influences space and form. She
experiences the landscape through the lens of her imagination not from the stand point of horizon line and perspective.

At studio Kura she would like to explore and delve deeper into her ideas of place and how being in a different culture and natural environment affects and challenges those ideas.






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