Chloe Jane Hambleton

Chloe Jane Hambleton (Australia) Residence: January to February 2019

Chloe Jane Hambleton is an Australian contemporary dance artist (Bachelor of Fine Arts- Dance Performance, Queensland University of Technology, 2016). She uses the inspiration of emotions, people and places to create unique movement. In her work, she takes this movement and presents it per-formatively, photographically and in film.

Since 2017, Chloe has been developing her Place in [e] Motion Project. Stage One, was in her hometown (Brisbane, Australia) in May-June, 2017, at House Conspiracy. Stage Two, was in March, 2018 at PINEA-LINEA DE COSTA A.I.R. (Rota, Spain) and Stage Three, was April-June, 2018 at TAKT A.I.R. (Berlin, Germany). Each new environment plays a vital role in developing new ways of thinking and creating, through the unique inspirations found in each place.

During her time at Studio Kura, Chloe will develop Stage Four. With the importance of place being central to her work, she will further develop her movement language, continue to use photography and film making, while also experimenting with installation.

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