Eleonora Allan

Eleonora Allan (Brazil) Residence: September 2018

Eleonora Allanis a multidisciplinary artist working primarily with drawing, video and performance art. She has received her Bachelors in Studio Arts from Concordia University, Montreal in 2018.

My work revolves around the creation of universes in which characters, controlled by dissociative feelings, search quietly to understand their relationship with the external world. Thus being a quest in itself rather then an answer. The subjects vary from introspective and intimate feelings to more philosophical questions such as how to define culture and how it molds the individual in a personal level.

During my stay at Studio Kura I plan on creating an immersive installation piece which will be capturing the mental space of memory and applying it into a real physical space. The defined room will be explored through different senses; from the use of minimalistic visual imagery, such as drawings and intimate objects, as well as projections and soundscape. All of them layered in a manner which tries to replicate the abstract and unjustified feeling of nostalgia one may experience.

– Website link: https://eleonoraallan.wixsite.com/eleonoraa

– Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eleonora_allan/

Charcoal on paper, 34×84 ”

Oil on wood panel, 11×20″

Oil on wood panel, 20×11″

Performance documentation ” Getting lost is a way” with Phoebe Thompson

Video Performance : Women on the Run
with Phoebe Thompson