Julia Mejnertsen

Julia Mejnertsen(Denmark) Residency: August, 2015

Julia Mejnertsen is a photographer based in Copenhargen, Denmark and graduated from Fotoskolen Fatamorgana in photography, where is the most respected photography school in Denmark.

She is inspired by everyday life and everyday situations. She especially like the quiet moments, when people disappear into a mental state of deep thinking, for instance at a bus stop, in a laundromat or in their homes. She is inspired by moments that look like loneliness, but are not necessarily anything but a pensive split second – we never know what goes on in strangers’ heads nor do we understand the complexity of other people’s lives. She wish to explore further as well as make visible for her audience.

In Japan, she is planning to produce 4 large-scale pictures of rural Japan and its inhabitants. The project’s aim is to stay as close to reality as possible, but be staged nonetheless.

Julia Mejnertsen’s web page