Lee Jia-An

Lee Jia-An (Malaysia) Residence: September 2019

Lee Jia-An is an MA Authorial Illustration graduate from Falmouth University with a background in English literature.

She is fascinated by stories of reality and uncanniness colliding, and narratives that challenge the way that we perceive the real and illusory. This tension in narrative is what takes brings her to continue creating and exploring research on the doubleness of the self.
She is also part of the Nexus Collective, formed by the 2018 MA Authorial Illustration graduates from Falmouth University, and a member of the Daughters of the Daily Special, an independent grant organisation aimed at supporting female artists.

With her time here in the residency, she hopes to be able to complete her project Recurring Dreams: Hotel. This is a project about a silent dream hotel, one that can only exist when we fall into sleep.

– website: https://jiaan.tumblr.com/
– Instagram: @ayyoade
– Email: jiaan.ow@gmail.com

Mountain Visitor

2The Twelve Houses 2

3Missing Letters

4The Twelve Houses