Lesly Patricia Holliday

Lesly Patricia Holliday (United Kingdom) Residence: September 2018

After five years in British Art Schools, Lesly Holliday taught Art & Art History to Advanced Level in Schools and in Adult Education. She continues to produce her own work, with public and private commissions. Her work has been shown in galleries in Manhattan, France and England. Lesly recently won the Wilkin-Chapman and the Maggie Dean awards for paintings exhibited in Lincoln.

“I am intrigued by the immediate world around me, especially that which is united by subtle tonality rather than bright colours. A figurative, traditional painter, I love to paint and make prints, relating the two is a constant challenge. Japanese civilisation has fascinated me since childhood: I have visited Japan three times & developed a deep admiration & love for the people and their culture.

During my short placement at Studio Kura, I hope the locale and experience will inform my approach in new ways”.

Oil on Canvas “A Little Splash”

Oil on Canvas “Racing Clouds”

Oil on Canvas “School Run”

Relief print “Walking in snow”

Relief Print “Unloading the feed”