Maider Gonzalo Salceda

Maider Gonzalo Salceda (Basque country) Residence: June to August 2018

Maider Gonzalo Salceda, Erandio 1994, graduated from the University of the Basque Country in Fine Arts in 2016. She is currently studying the master’s degree in research and creation at the university. Above all, she works with photography and video.

She has participated in group exhibitions:
– “Zabor Zuria” organized by Eremuak, within the Harriak program and curated by Jon Otamendi 2016
– Okela XVI.APM "becoming" in 2018
– Ertibil 2018

I work with images that I have taken of everyday objects or of everyday acts. This everyday tasks and objects turned out to be the material that I work with. I found out that while trying to convert the material into work, lots of accidents and coincidences happen and so do mistakes that, then turn into decisions and desires.

– Maider Gonzalo Salceda’s video link


Captura de pantalla 2018-05-24 a las 12.24.17

mazmora japon

*Maider Gonzalo Salceda is a selected artist of the residency award “ERTIBIL 2018”, a three month residency award to participate in Studio Kura artist-in residence program, associated with the Cultural Department of Bizkaia Regional Government.

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