Maria Fernanda Carlos

Maria Fernanda Carlos (Guatemala) Residence: January 2018

Maria Fernanda is a multidisciplinary artist based in Guatemala, her main practices are painting, installation and photography.
She completed her postgraduate diploma in contemporary art at Chelsea college of Arts in 2009. Her work has been shown in London, U.S, México, Perú, Colombia and all Central America.

Inspired by eastern philosophies, concepts such as harmony, chaos, order, fullness, emptiness, structure, noise & void are a constant in her work.
She is interested in how opposites work as well as how to find balance between them.

During her residency period, the artist aims to explore different ways of approaching painting and drawing inspired by Japanese culture. For her final project she will create an installation where she will wove short poems, drawings and paintings with the intention of turning her final work into a book.

Mural 2017
Skin series, 2017

Skin series, 2017

Serie Alchemy 'Revelatio'
Alchemy series, 2017

Serie Alchemy 'Suspensionem' IIjpg
Alchemy series, 2017

Serie Alquimia _Explosio'
Alchemy series, 2017
Photo credits: Look Magazine.