Maria Sécio

Maria Sécio (Portugal) Residency: April 2018

MORTIZ.SÉCIO – artistic duo
Moritz and Sécio met in Bournemouth, UK and soon became aware of the constant influence in each others artistic expression.

Maria Sécio (b.1994) from Lisbon, Portugal has just finished her undergraduate studies in Cinematography and Photography at Arts University Bournemouth. So far, she took part in two group exhibitions, both where in Bournemouth. Her photographs have been developing from being diarist to a more painterly and romantic exploration of her subject and surroundings.

Igor Moritz (b.1996) from Lublin, Poland is a self-taught painter with an interest in morfing the atmosphere of a space into his child like realm. He has had exhibitions both in Poland and the UK. Recently he was selected as one of the finalists of Contemporary Visions 8 hosted by Beers London and with a show in London.

Moritz and Sécio are going to be working as a duo for the first time. Their aim is to explore a visual relationship through the use of different mediums. In order to give a broader, multi-dimensional insight into their personal world, they will be looking at one another, as both the observer and the person being observed.

Maria Sécio, To Clean A Man’s Blood, 2018, Photograph, 30x42cm

sonora series_Maria_Secio
Maria Sécio, Sonora Series, 2017/2018, Photograph 30x40cm

Igor Moritz, Karaoke Nights, 2018, oil on linen, 70x80cm

Igor Moritz, Through Burnt Glass Tiles, 2018, coloured pencil on paper, 21x28cm