Pimpi Syarly Naomi

Pimpi Syarly Naomi (Indonesia) Residence: February 2018

Pimpi Syarly Naomi is specialized in textile dyeing using Katazome technique based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Completed her Bachelor of Arts majoring in Crafts at Jakarta Institute of Arts.
Her works has been shown in Bandung and Jakarta (Indonesia).

Pimpi is interested in transferring drawing into fabrics pattern. Japanese textile dyeing techniques fascinate her, specially focusing on Katazome, she tries and sees if the same technique could be achievable with local supplies, she passionately tries to translate the technique in her country.

She loves to draw patterns found in natural form around like animals, flowers and leafs.

During her residency period, she wants to explore the objects around Itoshima, she will improve her drawing searching inspiration by discovering places around Studio Kura.
With her playful drawings, she would like to make some crafty projects using Katazome.

– Pimpi Syarly Naomi’s website

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