Rody Luton

Rody Luton (Netherlands/UK) Residence: March 2019

Rody Luton is a British/New Zealand visual artist based in Amsterdam. She was born in England, grew up in New Zealand, and has also lived in Italy, France and the United States. She was trained at Bath Academy of Art (UK) and L’Ecole National d’Art Decoratif (Aubusson, France), and has a BA in Anthropology (University of Sussex, UK). She has exhibited in England, New Zealand, France, Italy, Sweden, the U.S., and most frequently in the Netherlands.

Her diverse work includes paintings, mixed media and photography. Her visual themes are inspired by nature and organic elements, as well as by ethnographic sources. “I like to explore how forms of nature, cultural patterns and human constructs can inhabit the same visual spaces.

During her residency at Studio Kura, she will make a series of drawings and images, using watercolour paint, pencil and photography, inspired by the nature and environment of Itoshima, Fukuoka and Kyushu Island— the flora and birds of the region, as well as local landscape and geology. She aims to create artist books, combining her visual expressions with Japanese paper and traditional techniques, such as Yotsume-Toji stab binding.

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