Seunghui Sim

Seunghui Sim (South Korea) Residence: January 2018

She received BFA in Photography, and Fine Arts from College for Creative Studies, and currently, she is pursuing her MFA in photography at Hongik University. Her installation works and photographs are based on interests about how people’s memories and their relationship interact , and created by using reconstructed photos. She has participated in exhibitions such as Prelude, Full Grilz, Post Photo in Detroit, Seoul. Her works are in Convers, Valade Family Gallery and Detroit institute of Arts.

She talks about her own experiences of confusion between the distortion of memory and the actual facts through the medium of photography.Our memory is stored in consciousness and unconsciousness. it is called ‘factual memory’ that actual events are kept in memory, and ‘emotional memory’ is the attached emotion that are related to actual events. Especially emotional memory is reactivated when we are encountered the similar experiences in the past, and compressed emotion affects the current behavior only because the situation shares some similarities even though totally different situations from the current one. Since, emotions are stored with the mixed situation, actual memory may be distorted by them. These uncertainties between distorted memory and actual reality will be expressed through installation works that made of mixture of photographs and texts.

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