Stephen Kavanagh

Stephen Kavanagh (United Kingdom) Residence: December 2016

Stephen Kavanagh is a Scottish artist working in a multimedia context, developing experimental works in drawing, sculpture, film and installation. Completing his undergraduate degree in Painting at Gray’s School of Art (2010) before obtaining an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice at Edinburgh College of Art (2015).

His practice draws on the interaction we have with the world around us and how it shapes our lives as much as we shape its. This has led to a wide variety of works with varying themes such as destruction, construction, sense of place and the absence of presence to name but a few.

While at Studio Kura Stephen will be investigating the surrounding area, drawing on location and developing site specific ideas through humble sculptural aspects.

– Stephen Kavanagh’s website


Experiment 105, still from performance

Experiment 38, installation shot

Tank, still from film

Tank 2

Tank 3