Sun Yu

Sun Yu (Taiwan) Residence: August 2017

I’m Sun Yu, 3D animator and multimedia artist. I am a senior in the 3D Animation program at Shih Chien University in Taipei.

I have a passion for collaboration with performance artists internationally. I have partnered with musicians, dancers, and actors to incorporate my animation into a multimedia experience.
My inspirations come from body language. I think that it is important to observe one’s body language for the overt to the hidden emotions they might not otherwise show. This is important because animation speaks through physicality. Animation is about raw communication.

My most recent projects have included:
• Moooood, a film portraying the five type of emotions portrayed by a contemporary dancer.
• The Cross Road, a dark comedy theatre performance that incorporated projection animation.
• Eighth Street Dance Party, branding and poster design for the Taiwan Street Dance Art Association.

– Sun Yu’s website