Tegan Iversen

Tegan Iversen (Australia) Residence: October 2019

Tegan Iversen is an artist & illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. She creates fun, cute & colourful visual art through drawing, painting & digital techniques. Her practise often revolves around her everyday life, finding inspiration in things such as food, film, nature & feelings & always aims to be honest.

Tegan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from the Victorian College of the Arts & currently co-runs F*EMS. She has exhibited & curated many shows within Australia, some including ‘Soft Toy City’ at Rubicon ARI, ‘Colour me once’ at Brunswick Street Gallery & ‘love me, love me, say that you love me’ at No Vacancy Gallery.

This residency will follow Tegan’s first solo exhibition overseas at Tokyo’s Almost Perfect, titled ‘$2 Shops & Antique Markets’. During the residency, Tegan will create a new body of work through painting imagery inspired by her travel to Japan.

– website: www.teganiversen.com

Tegan 1

Tegan 2

Tegan 3