Thomas Hoeren

Thomas Hoeren (Germany) Residence: September, 2016

Thomas Hoeren is a professor in art law at the University of Münster (Germany) and the Academy of Arts Münster. Apart from that he is a part-time photographer who worked for several German and international organizations. His black&white photographs have been shown in Berlin, Duisburg, Istanbul and many other places; some of them were published in photo books.

Thomas is interested in people who are not within the general focus of interest. He portraited early Turkish immigrants to Germany and their hands holding their favorite objects from home. He recently finished a series of portraits representing people from an rather unknown part of Northern Germany, the so-called Krummhoern. In Studio Kura, he wants to undertake a photo series on the amazing creativity of mentally disabled artists in cooperation with local galleries specialized in art brut.

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L1057000 - Andreas Alberts

L1057292 - Feena Beeninga

L1056032 - Thiele

L1057466 - Sascha Roolfs