Walter Bishop and Francisca Fuenzalida

Walter Bishop (Spain/ Venezuela) and Francisca Fuenzalida (Chille)
Residence: November 2019

An artist couple currently living and working in Australia.

Walter Bishop is a Product Designer and Graphic Artist born in Venezuela and raised in Spain, currently working on a wide variety of visual communication projects. His work focuses on photography, packaging, editorial & product design. After completing a design bachelor & master’s degree in Advanced Typography, Walt has worked collaboratively with a multidisciplinary group of professionals in design studios & universities across Spain, Chile, and Australia.

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Francisca Fuenzalida is a multidisciplinary Designer graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. She has a special interest in the interdisciplinary work, and this is reflected in the projects she has developed throughout her career, which have been addressed from different design and artistic areas such as illustration, photography, editorial, product, and sustainable design. From time to time she also deals with self-initiated projects related to arts and design.

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At Studio Kura Walter and Francisca want to make a graphic study of the Japanese culture, analyzing the contrast between the rural and urban life, looking for unique characteristics and common patterns present in daily life.

From that basis and according to what we will observe during our stay, they want to make a graphic proposal using different techniques, combining printing tools, typography, and illustration.