Shellaine Godbold

Shellaine Godbold (Austlalia) Residence: October, 2015

Godbold lives and works based in Canberra, focusing on drawing and making as a means of understanding and recording her experiences. Her recent research has focussed on travel and how we make connections and communicate through
shared experiences.
Travelling to Japan a number of times since 2008, Godbold has become very interested in the Japanese concept of ‘wabi sabi’. During the residency, she plans to explore the natural surrounds and make a series of drawings using sumi-e and pencil. The artist has been showing her works world widely such as Austlalia, Ireland, Thailand.

Shellaine Godbold’s website

Shellaine Godbold1

Shellaine Godbold2

Shellaine Godbold3

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