Exhibition Talk Tour review in Nov 2015: Sarah Webber, Lisa Ghent, Nellie Rogerson

Studio Kura had individual exhibitions by three Australian female artists who were participated in our Artist in Residency program in the end of November 2015.
On the opening day, the Talk Tour took place in several places; the gallery, a studio and a residence house.

The tour began by Sarah Webber from Sydney, who exhibited “Elements of Play” at our main gallery.
She presented a large lighting installation in this christmas season. The work created the gallery space into a warm and colourful play-ground like space.
Sarah Webber “Elements of Play” announcement
Sarah Webber profile


Each sculpture was taken 2 weeks to make, by cutting 20 round sheets and attaching them all together. The artist attempted to present the show as children enjoy walking between the sculptures and exploring the largeness and the colours, while adults enjoy the composition as well as the sculptures’ structure and have a feel like going back to their own childhood.

The artist with her friends who came over from Oita prefecture!

Secondly, we moved to the 1st studio to see “Persistence of the Self” by Lisa Ghent, a visual artist from Melbourne.
Lisa Ghent “Persistence of the Self” announcement
Lisa Ghent profile

The paper sculpture attracted everyone’s attention.

Lisa normally works on painting, but she tried a sculptural piece using the technique of paper mache. The artist visited Shikoku area for Shikoku pilgrimage to the 88 temples before starting this residency program, so she had an inspiration from a flower motif seen often as a sculptural decoration at temples, and created this with the image of rebirth.

This post card size paintings were used in oil paints, and this paper smallness gives the sense as if people look through the small world in painting.

At the end, we went to the 2nd residency house where Nellie Rogerson was showing the exhibition “Chippies and tinnies”.
Nellie Rogerson “Chippies and tinnies” announcement
Nellie Rogerson profile


This is a sculptural work as well as a table. There is an objet like a vase on the table. Nellie’s works are used daily materials such as boards, kitchen glass bowls, canned beers, deodorants etc.
The vase objet contains beads deodorant inside of glass bowls put one above the another, and this expresses the beauty of the shape yet the unstableness and the danger at the same time.

The artist described that many “Kawaii”(cute) products have been seen anywhere in Japan more than in Australia, and this Kawaii are accepted in any generations in this country. Her exhibition showed us the cultural differences not only from seeing people, regions and the customs but also from daily products.

It was clear fine weather on the opening day. Thank you very much for the visitors and readers!

We currently have theree residence artists in December, and Jessica Skupa, a footwear designer from Alaska will have her exhibition “Meet you at 3” on December 24(Thu)-26(Sat). Please find an opportunity to see her show and the artist!

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