Tess Kelly

Tess Kelly (Born 1986 in Australia) Residency: February, 2013

Tess Kelly is an Australian photographer based in Melbourne.

Through photography Tess has explored a singular object or space and by concentrating on it alone, she simplifies, and in turn reveals its subtleties and something more intricate. By removing the subject from its context and stripping away superfluous and mundane elements, the subjects essence and in turn symbology is brought to life. It is an emotive visual response rather than an account of the familiar ‘realities’ of the subject exterior. Ideas and expressions assert themselves in these single yet far from simple objects.

During her stay, she attended 「GEINO TORIP」which is visiting historical places in Itoshima with staffs and organized a photograph workshop.
At the end of her stay, she held the solo echibition 「Itoshima, for now」to show photographs taken in ITSOAHIMA.

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  • 2010 Bachelor of Arts (Photography), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia


  • 2011-2012 Retail Hanging, ‘Poppies’. NOMAD Project space, Albert Park, Victoria.
  • 2011 Duo show, ‘The Lines Between Us’. Colour Factory Gallery, Fitzroy, Victoria.
  • 2010 Group show, ‘Blow Up’. Graduate Exhibition, RMIT BA Photography. Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria
  • 2008 Solo show, Photography Still Life and Landscapes. Creative Media Gallery, RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria


  • 2010 L A Baillot Memorial Trust 2010 Award, Most Promising Final Year Graduate, BA Photography
  • 2008 RMIT Student Excellence, Studio Folio Award


  • 2011 ‘Precious Threads’, Anisha Bhoyro.