Report: Marsha McDonald’s solo exhibition「Household Gods」

Studio Kura had a solo exhibition 「Household Gods」by Marsha Anne McDonald on 25th-29th OCT.

Marsha Anne McDonald is an artist from the USA based in Wisconsin who works across the fields of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film, and writing. Her work has been exhibited in France, Germany, Denmark, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, and Italy, as well as in the USA.


We could have lots of visitors, especially children who wore Halloween costume.
Lots of thanks to all visitors.

Her work shows our ordinary items which we use for cooking, washing and cleaning.
The items appears on blue cloth and looks unordinary. It was very interesting to seen them on printing on the clothes.


She also had a workshop to do “SUNPRINT“.
People enjoy doing it!!
Sunprint samples

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