Anne Leloup



Studio Kuraでは、日本の自然と植生との対比の中で彼女の研究を続けたいと考えています。


Anne Leloup divides her time between her personal research which includes painting, sculpture, installations and lithography, and her work as an editor for Esperluète (a publishing house she founded and has directed since 1994). She also collaborates on artists’ books and, in 1995, was awarded the Belgian Prix de la Gravure for her lithographs.

Her work is regularly exhibited in Belgium and internationally.

Drawings, paintings, lithographs, engravings, cut-out forms, sketchbooks,… She likes to use different media while maintaining a continuity in her explorations of line and colour. She seeks to investigate what is not immediately visible: traces, blanks, voids, passages… which are all moments of rupture between drawing and its representation. Then, forms emerge, sometimes faces, a plant, a stone,…between abstraction and figuration, a vocabulary emerges.

At Studio Kura she would like to pursue her research in confrontation with Japanese nature and vegetation. She say : “It is the rhythm of life and nature that particularly interested me and that align with my own focus. The relationship between fullness and emptiness, shadows, human-land relations, the relationship with the garden, etc. are all subjects that I would like to investigate in greater depth by staying longer in Japan. The question of time and traces are central to my approach, which favours gesture and balance.”



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