Guste Sakalauskaite

Guste Sakalauskaiteを紹介します。



私の作品を通じて、その瞬間の私の状態を感じ取ってもらいたいと思っています。他の人々も感情を感じ取り、自分自身の経験を通じて共感できることを願っています。私の作品は、Instagram @gustesakalauskaiteでご覧いただけます。”

We’d like to introduce our current resident artist, Guste Sakalauskaite.

“I’m a portraiture and fashion film photographer from Lithuania, currently living in Melbourne. My work often features portraits in natural settings, like the sea or personal environments, capturing raw and authentic moments that reflect my own emotions and experiences.

In addition to photography, I’m passionate about filmmaking and run an artist collective in Melbourne called ‘dreamy_anywhere.’ This collective aims to inspire and connect artists for collaborative projects.

Through my work I try to capture the feeling of my state of being at that moment in time. I hope that others are able to feel the emotion and are able to find connection thought their own experiences. More of my work can be found on my ig @gustesakalauskaite.

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