Colin Peel

Colin Peel After a 40 year career in science and business I retired several years ago to pursue my passion for art and in particular plein air painting.I have officer roles in various Art Societies in Australia but am now focusing more on hands on painting with instruction from artists whose work I admire. This is augmented by life drawing weekly and artist paintouts – plus artist residencies such as at Studio Kura, this being my third residency in this beautiful location.

On this residency I am paying particular attention to the early morning and evening light and the design elements that emerge in the skies and shaddows. I am limiting myself to water colours for ease of use and transport. On previous visits I have focused on the local people at work, and the light in the bamboo forrest’s, some of these pieces can also be displayed.I enjoy very much meeting artists from so many different countries and working in so may areas of art – this has broadened my perspective and appreciation of the art world.