David Philips

David Phillips (@_tenfields_) is interested in the character of places. In how space has been changed and manipulated to create meaning. Although his work is centred on painting, he has a background in architecture and recent work has begun to investigate sculptural forms. The idea of ‘objects in landscape’ is something that he has returned to many times. He is seeking to understand how abstract introductions to environments whether they are wild or tamed can be catalysts and lenses for memory, communication and experience.

Historically temples, shrines, towers, grottos and fountains traditionally formalise space and create place. David is interested in a similar vocabulary of objects augmented by a contemporary understanding of landscape. He sees these interventions as a continuation of the tradition of British landscape design established by Capability Brown and Humphry Repton – an Arcadia where the balance between manipulation and retrocession is indistinguishable. 

David Phillips (@tenfields) は、場所の特徴に興味を持っています。空間がどのように変化し、操作され、意味を作り出してきたかについて。彼の作品は絵画が中心ですが、建築のバックグラウンドもあり、最近の作品では彫刻的な形態について研究し始めています。風景の中の物体」という考え方は、彼が何度も立ち戻ってきたものです。野生であれ飼いならされたものであれ、環境に対する抽象的な導入が、いかに記憶、コミュニケーション、経験のための触媒やレンズとなり得るかを理解しようとしているのです。