Edie Woolf


明るい色彩と表情豊かな人物像が彼女の作品の特徴です。また、海や海の生き物が好きで、Studio Kuraにいる間は、近くの海からインスピレーションを受けるような日々を過ごすつもりだそうです。


Hi there, I’m Edie Woolf!I’m an illustrator and printmaker based in Bristol, England. I work mainly in sequential narratives, telling stories of my everyday experiences. I try to articulate my emotions in the hopes that other people can resonate with those feelings!

Bright colours and expressive figures are the defining features of my work.I also have a deep fondness of the sea and ocean creatures, I hope during my time here at Studio Kura I can spend my days being inspired by the nearby ocean. I wish to write and illustrate an introspective travel diary while I’m here, which aims to immerse the reader in my own experience.