Erlend Cross

Erlend Crossは、西オーストラリアのパースを拠点に活動する抽象芸術家です。キングス・カレッジ・ロンドンで人文地理学と哲学を学んだ彼は、人間と環境の関係に芸術的な焦点をあてている。



Erlend Cross is an abstract artist based in Perth, Western Australia. His education in human geography and philosophy from King’s College London directs his artistic focus to human-environment relationships.

Through site-specific paintings, drawings and photography he communicates the physical stories of places. His work incorporates many properties of landscapes; he documents and interprets nature’s elements manifested in fragments, aspects, perspectives and features created through natural processes of water, geology and the erosion that connects them.

During his 3-month residency at Studio Kura, Erlend will produce series of works based on his explorations around Kyushu and experimentation with local materials.Another facet of his work explores sense-perception and the ability of mindfulness or attention to detail to transform mundane objects and experiences into intimate encounters.His tempered approach to mark-making uses irregular forms such as cracks, rips, stains, marks and scars to develop a spare, meditative visual style.