Ali Hanoon

Ali Hanoon (Spain) Residency: September, 2013

Ali is a photographer based in Spain. After getting his degree in Fine Art at Complutense University in Madrid, he went on to study photography in Liège (Belgium) and New York (USA). His work has been shown in Spain, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Dominican Republic, USA, and other countries. His awards include the 2011 Artistic Grant awarded by Comunidad de Madrid, the 2010 Artist in Residence Program awarded by Comunidad de Madrid, and the 2009 Project Award Creación Injuve (Spain).

Artist Statement

My photography focuses on the connections between the individual and his environment. Basically I use the portrait in its broadest sense as a practice to represent this idea.

I look for qualities in people that are representative of a particular culture. It is a reflection of what is generic in humans and how these qualities are reflected in different countries. I am interested in physical traits, but also the types of relationship that make up the cultural contexts. In this sense, my photographs show people that reveal some kind of social or historical reference or identification about the place. My intention is to generate a dialogue between different cultures by uniting concepts such as universality, society and individuality.

When I start project I let my curiosity lead me, I am eager to find out how people move about within their own world. Essentially I base my research on observation. I persist in my search for social definition and I draw conclusions that constitute the discourse that gives unity to the project.

What spurs me to work on these ideas is trying to discover what is different from me and learning through meetings and contacts with others. I love to maintain an active position, relate and be part of the actions being carried out by the people. My goal is to understand a part of human behaviour and offer new interpretations about ourselves to the viewer that go beyond the topic itself.

During his stay, she organized photograph workshop for locals and had the solo exhibition 「ITOSHIMA TO NOKONOSHIMA 」to show the photographs people in ITOSHIMA and NOKONOSHIMA.