Ana Popescu

Ana Popescu (France/Austria) Residence: October 2019

Ana Popescu is a visual artist and illustrator working mainly with drawing and colours on paper. Born in Romania, grew up in France and is now based in Vienna, Austria. She studied printmaking and drawing under professor Jan Svenungsson at the University of Applied Arts, receiving her Masters of fine Arts in 2013.

During the last copuple of years she has exhibited her work in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Ljubljana, Bergen, at the Griffin Gallery in London and at Wittgentstein Haus in Vienna.

Her work mainly deals with the theme of space and the relation between the inside and outside. The use of exaggerated colors, distorted perspectives, and emptiness of the living spaces and their surroundings make the work distance itself from a known reality to depict a new one. Her work is greatly inspired by architecture and its relation to light.

During her residency period at Studio Kura she wishes to explore the surroundings and document the relation between the local architecture and its environment in a big series of drawings.