Ava Grauls

Ava Grauls (South Africa) Residence: August 2019

Ava Grauls specialises in installations with the aid of filmmaking, printing, ceramics and painting. She graduated from Westminster University in 2006 in Contemporary Media Practices in London and she is currently completing her second degree in Fine Art at Duncan Jordonian School of Art and Design, Scotland. She has exhibited in Japan, London and Scotland before deciding to formally train in an art institution.

Her work considers objects and places people leave behind and the change in what a society consider valuable. Her current exploration is on repurposing objects, spaces and intervening in environments, both the socio-political and physical environment.

Her practice utilises a range of materials, methods and new technologies.

During her residency at Studio Kura, the artist aims to create an installation using print, projection and photography.

– website: https://www.flickr.com/photos/avagrauls/albums