Ben Harb

Ben Harb (Australia) Residence: October 2018

Ben Harb is a sound artist, composer and performer from Canberra, Australia. As a graduate of the Australian National University’s School of Music Ben has worked with many members of the local and international experimental music and art communities including the ANU New Music Ensemble, the Experimental Music Studio, Opus and bands such as Ecruteak and Lost Coast. Ben’s work focuses on the relationship between fixed media and live instrumentation with an emphasis on the performer’s agency when playing a piece.

Ben’s interests as a composer lie between contemporary Post-Rock and the experimental sounds of movements such as minimalism and free improvisation.

During his stay at Studio Kura, Ben will be working on a piece of sight-specific, fixed media music that makes use of field recordings captured in the Fukuoka prefecture and blends them with original composition which reacts to the changes within the soundscapes.

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