Caitlin Bowe

Caitlin Bowe (Australia) Residence : August to September 2018

Caitlin Bowe is an emerging artist based in Adelaide, South Australia, working predominantly in the field of sculpture. In 2017 she graduated with First Class Honours from Adelaide Central School of Art. Since graduating, Bowe has shown work in the ‘Threads of Thought’ exhibition at Signal Point Gallery as well as ‘The Doll Redefined’ exhibition at Gallery 1855. She has also been a finalist in ‘The Emma Hack Art Prize’ and ‘Youthscape 2018 Exhibition’.

Bowe’s work looks to translate personal trauma through mythological stories and Victorian Mourning aesthetics. Through the use of casting and textile techniques, bodily fears are magnified and exaggerated, as mythological symbols are subtly used to create layers of personal and cultural meanings. By searching for themes in these stories which connect with her trauma, Bowe blends and weaves these themes together to situate herself amongst a larger cultural narrative.

While staying at Studio Kura, Bowe proposes to research cultural sites and stories to find themes which intersect with stories from her own Celtic heritage to influence a new body of sculptural works.


1Bowe_Caitlin_My Banshee_2016

2Bowe_Caitlin_her hands upward to my shoulder, and did steal a little look up_2017

3Bowe_Caitlin_her hands fluttered white and desperately needful_2017

4Bowe_Caitlin_she did have held my hands so brave and gentle_2017

*Caitlin Bowe received the awarded grant, Graduate Support Grant from Adelaide Central School of Art to complete the residency at Studio Kura.