Carla Cañellas

Carla Cañellas (Spain) Residence: October and December 2016

Carla Cañellas is a visual artist based in Madrid, her work is focused on painting and educational workshops, but she is also interested in the use of other mediums to narrate stories: vídeo, installation, drawing, etc.

She is graduated with a BA + MA in Fine Art from the UPV, Valencia, Spain, and she has been part of the painting workshops in the Estudio Arjona,Madrid, Spain. She has had numerous solo exhibitions in Europe and she has participated in international festivals.

Her work investigates the construction of identity in different social contexts, in particular during residency at the Studio Kura, she will develop part of her project (DECODING) that proposes a visual and artistic analysis of the concept of identity with the encounter of mass media and the new uses of technology, like the social networks.

The involvement of other people in her creative process is essential, as is the need of the sense of humor, fundamental for the development of her work.

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