Chloe Ong

Chloe Ong (United Kingdom) Residence : August 2018

Chloe Ong’s works are inspired by the ideas of utopia and artificial landscapes. Her paintings examine the visual language that fall along the spectrum of East and West. They capture the spirit of landscapes saturated with life and rhythmic movement. The departure from representation leaves an unsettling familiarity to the worlds she creates and gives the viewers a fleeting encounter with the sublime.

Born in Singapore and based in London, Chloe is currently pursuing her Master degree at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. She has been awarded the prestigeous Lynn Painter-Stainers Young Artist Prize this year and was also the recepitent of the 30th United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year Platinum award. Chloe has recently been invited to Tokyo
to present on her architectural design collaboration and has exhibited her paintings in both group and solo shows in New York City, London, Singapore and Moscow.

She is very interested in Japanese garden arrangements and Ukiyo-e by Hiroshige and Hokusai. During her stay in Fukuoka she will be gathering inspiration from the architecture and nature in Fukuoka and create a series of paintings for the solo exhibition at the end of her stay.

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