Chloe Tomomi

Chloe Tomomi (United States) Residence: November 2018

Chloe Tomomi is a watercolor artist and writer based in Honolulu, Hawai’i. She is a self-taught painter who also loves to write, and hopes to produce her own screenplays, comics, and novels one day. Chloe has shown her work in exhibitions all around Hawai’i, and is now wishing to expand to other countries such as Japan. She has several years of experience in teaching art and writing to elementary and college students, and has won three awards from the State of Hawai’i and her college for her work.

The connection between human spirit and nature is what interests Chloe the most. Inspired by the Japanese practice “shinrin-yoku,” she tends to deeply question what type of lessons we can learn from nature and how they can help one heal from emotional wounds.

Whilst staying at Studio Kura, Chloe hopes to improve her painting skills and overall style by doing extensive studying, observing, and experimenting. She’s looking forward to painting plein air, getting to know the landscape and its people, and going on adventures both big and small. Meditation, reflection, and writing are all huge factors in her painting process, and she can’t wait to finally have the space to do it.

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