Cristias Rosas

Cristias Rosas (Peru) Residence: September to October 2019

Cristias Rosas is a fine art photographer born in Lima, Peru. Graduated in 2006 in the University of Lima as a communicator and journalist, he was also educated in photography in the cities of Buenos Aires and New York where he won the Lisette Model scholarship granted by the International Center of Photography.

His line of work has transit between the ethereal long exposures of his “ghosts”, using techniques such as light painting and double flashes, to the analogue double exposure of medium and large format negatives in New York old museums and houses as a metaphor for his father senile dementia. He has also explored, as a documentalist, the B.D.S.M (Bondage, Discipline and Sado-Masochism) lifestyle in New York city. Back in Peru, he did a photo project about the antique Japanese erotic art of Shibari, using Lima’s multi-geographical rural surroundings as locations for his pictures.

Since 2018 until today, Cristias is working on a photo project of self-portraits he intends to culminate during his stay in Studio Kura. The pictures metaphorically address the subject of loss, this photo series called “The father’s dreams” is an intent of portraying, from a surreal glance, an immersion into the mind in coma state, as well as it portrays the outcomes and sensation from our side and reality.

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