Eleanor Anderson

Eleanor Anderson (United States) Residence: March 2018

Eleanor Anderson graduated from Colorado College in 2012 where she studied printmaking and fibers. She works across a broad range of media including ceramics, textiles, prints and collage. She has been a resident at the Textile Arts Centesr is Brooklyn, NY and the 9th Semester Fellow in Design at Colorado College, and most recently finished the CORE fellowship program at Penland School of Crafts. She has been featured in American Craft Magazine for her ceramics and textiles. When she is not in the studio, you might find her riding her bike. During her residency at Studio Kura, she plans to explore collage with found papers, becoming familiar with a more painterly mark.

Eleanor says about her work, “I am interested in exploring the second and a half dimension: the space between drawing and sculpture. I draw inspiration from textile traditions: quilts, rugs and baskets, and the units they are built from: braids, lattices, grids, knots, and nets. I use mark making and repetition to create something larger than the individual components. I mix traditional craft techniques with unexpected materials, subverting expectations about material values and binaries such as hard/soft, functional/nonfunctional. I embolden commonplace materials with labor of the hand. I use pattern and color as a vehicle to express the intuitive play involved in the process of making. I embrace imperfections as evidence of hand manipulation, and celebrate the hand drawn line.”

– Eleanor Anderson ‘s website



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