Emily Beasy

Emily Beasy (Australia) Residence: March 2019

Emily Beasy is an illustrator/exhibiting artist from Melbourne, Australia. She completed a Bachelor of Illustration at Melbourne Polytechnic in 2015, and has studied fine art at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions around Melbourne. Outside of her fine art practice she also pursues freelance illustration.

Emily’s practice takes focus on the gentle and the uncanny. With a strong interest in ethology, her work explores themes of animal behaviour and intelligence, the similarities and differences between our species and others, and strong-but-subtle feminist expression.

During her residency period, she wishes to illustrate a collection of images to accompany selected short stories and poetry, inspired by and evolving with her travels throughout Japan. She aims to gather the resulting artworks into a book, focusing on the beauty of human and animal relationships observed in everyday life.

– Instagram: www.instagram.com/emilybeasyillustration
– website link: www.emilybeasy.com

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