Enriqueta Vendrell

Enriqueta Vendrell (Catalonia, Spain) Residence: July, 2016

Enriqueta Vendrell is a visual artist based in Catalonia – Spain. Her last art works are focused in landscape and its change. It is also important for the artist to know the people who live and who make landscape. People change landscape but also landscape changes people. Her work has been exhibited in Spain, she had received some grants for art production.

During her stay at Studio Kura, her work will be connected with the rural landscape. Enriqueta is interested in mainly two aspects. One hand is related to the countryside and how is it organized in the area. Moreover she will pay attention to people who make this space. Another hand, she aims to understand and/or question the humanity in relation with landscape, concretely the rural one. Also, she will be working to test Indian ink.

– Enriqueta Vendrell’s website