Eunji Jung

Eunji Jung (South Korea) Residence: January 2018

Eunji Jung is making graphic novels and drawings based in Seoul. She graduated in BFA graphic and moving image design and MA Fine Art. After she passed Ph.D course, has not only prepared her dissertation for comic department, also concentrated on making self- published comics and alternative comic zine with her students in University.

She has explored the correlation between the body, identity and the world in various field of contemporary art. In particular she focuses on the notion of transformed body in various circumstances. In relation to attempts by human beings to constantly redefine themselves by transforming their bodies force her to seek the fundamental function of a metamorphosed body. In this concern, she specifies spontaneous anxieties on one individual body and identity associated with surrounded society.

Becoming a storyteller, she will roam a new environment around the studio and create a character who is reflecting on the illusory artificiality of the flimsy adolescent. She believe that the character’s process will be a foundation of an experimental comic series that she plans to make during her residency period.

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