Evelyn Yee

Evelyn Yee (Australia) Residence: June to July 2019

Evelyn Yee paints in watercolour and gouache in Melbourne, Australia. She completed an Honours degree in Fine Arts at the University of Melbourne – Victorian College of the Arts, majoring in Ceramics. The early years of her art practice was focused on sculptures and art installation using a variety of materials. When she started to paint with watercolour, it was a revelation – she fell in love with the medium and has kept painting ever since.

Having founded Melbourne Urban Sketchers (local chapter of Urban Sketchers, a worldwide organisation) 5 years ago with members who gather to sketch and tell stories through sketches, she aims to tell stories through her work. A prolific and passionate artist, she sketches and paints everyday, and her ever-growing collection of sketchbooks become a record of daily life. The mundane and the ordinary have narratives in her work, and record her experiences. Occasionally, she switches to cityscapes and landscapes. Whatever the subject may be, Evelyn’s work records life and expresses the beauty around her.

Evelyn travels a fair bit, and is always inspired by what the world presents. She has visited Japan several times, but she feels that she never has enough time to capture the richness of the country. The residency in Studio Kura will provide her with this opportunity she desires, to capture her time and scenes of Japan.

– website: www.evelynyee.com