Gabrielle Kroese

Gabrielle Kroese (Netherlands) Residency: April 2018

Gabrielle Kroese is a visual artist based in The Netherlands.
She received her BFA at Minerva Art Academy, Groningen, The Netherlands. As an artist she works mainly in painting, drawing and collages. Her work was nominated several times and exhibited in The Netherlands and Germany.

Gabrielle Kroese creates new stories of pictures that she selects out of the daily flow visual information. She collects these images in a picture file. She’s fascinated by what determines your gaze. What makes you see that one image? Remember that specific image? How does someone else sees that picture? And can it be influenced?
In her paintings she investigates a combination of a figurative image with abstract color fields. It’s fascinating to note how this combination reinforces each part of the painting and guide the way of seeing.

Lately the color fields are randomly picked from “The complete collection of color combinations Haishoku Soukan” by Sanzo Wada. This made her want to stay at Studio Kura to see the colors for herself, to explore the city and her rural surroundings, collecting images, recording it visually. And to ask herself: How authentic is our way of looking?

Gabrielle Kroese, Sequences Vogue2.2, acrylic and collage on old paper

Gabrielle Kroese, Stone leg 1, 30x40cm, acrylic collage on Baryta print

Gabrielle Kroese, The Gift, 30x24cm, acrylic on canvas

Gabrielle Kroese, You blow the clouds away, 50x60cm, acrylic on canvas