Gabrielle Zimmermann

Gabrielle Zimmermann (Germany) Residence: December 2016

The theoretical background of Gabrielle Zimmermann, who holds an M.A. in Art History and Comparative Literature, appears often in her primarily conceptual works, realized always with a touch of irony. Working in a variety of media, at times taking her own body as her source material, Gabrielle Zimmermann, from her beginnings as an artist, has posed questions about the individual and its “image” and the cultural/political/philosophical dynamics effecting them.

Inspired by a wide range of philosophical and aesthetic issues—from Dada to existentialism, Lacan to Zen—she began to show her work in 2005, and since then has appeared in a variety of one-person and group shows, moving from pure video works to mixed media installations with sound and performance.

During the past seven years, trash products (e.g., various packaging materials) and food became the principal materials in her pieces, commenting, perhaps, on lifestyle and environmental issues, among other matters. Noticeable as well is her concern with the aesthetics of her materials — again with a touch of irony, as seen in some of her titles, for example: “Sinnlose Tätigkeiten mit grosser Sorgfalt ausgeführt”/”purposeless activity, carried out with great diligence”.

The viewers are free to choose how far down the theoretical rabbit holes they wish to go or not go there at all, and simply, as it were, experience the work sensually.

While in residence at Studio Kura, Gabrielle Zimmermann wishes to be inspired by the area, the nature, the landscape, and the fascinating mixture of traditional culture and modern life in Japan.

– Gabrielle Zimmermann’s website

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