Geneviève Lebleu

Geneviève Lebleu (Canada) Residence: October 2019

Geneviève Lebleu is a multidisciplinary artist from Québec City and is currently based in Montréal. She graduated with distinction from Concordia University in Studio Arts (2016) and completed a semester at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem (Israel). Her work was featured in various events, exhibitions and festivals in Montréal (Le Vidéographe, GIV [Groupe Intervention Vidéo], Eastern Bloc, Perte de Signal, Festival SOIR, Galerie Galerie) but also abroad—in Israel and in Indiana where she attended her first artist residency in August 2017. Geneviève has been granted funding from both Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec and Canada Council for the Arts. She also self-publishes her comics and is currently working on her first graphic novel “Weeding”, to be published by Conundrum Press in the Fall of 2020.

Geneviève’s practice is eclectic and takes inspiration from science fiction narratives, surrealism and expressionism. She creates landscapes that resemble tableaux vivants, in which the human body is alienated or almost completely erased from the futuristic setting it inhabits. Her interest lies in the political and transformative power of science fiction, which she considers to have strong potential for storytelling.

For the Studio Kura residency, Geneviève will document her wanderings around the neighbourhood and create a drawing series and short stop motion animations that will take inspiration from the local flora. Based on her observations, she will try to imagine what will become of those plants in a dystopian future. This storytelling exercise is an attempt to incorporate elements of comics into her art practice.