Grace Turman Damien

Grace Turman Damien (United States) Residence: May 2019

Grace Turman Damien primarily specializes in relief print making, however she also regularly works in drawing, painting, collage and occasionally photography in southwestern Colorado, United States. Although not formally educated in the fine arts, instead achieving her Master’s degree in Information and Library Science, Grace has practiced art with some of the best printmakers in the United States, as well as various classes, courses and workshops in many diverse media. She has shown her art in many states across the United States.

She is most interested in capturing movement and emotion in stillness, as well as the use of visual metaphor.

At Studio Kura, she would like to focus on creating work that is influenced by the space she is occupying in the moment, in an effort to enforce a sense of grounding from which to feel more creatively inspired.

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