Hannie van den Bergh + Jan van den Berg

Hannie van den Bergh + Jan van den Berg (the Netherlands) Residence: June 2017

Hannie van den Bergh is an artist and designer, working in the field of social design and community art. She visited Japan as an AIR in 2004 (Rice+ Tokyo) exploring new ways of mapping based on workshop and field research; in 2012 (KCCC Kyoto) research on new opportunities for the Machiya – based on the senses; and in 2016 (Tenjinyama Art Studio Sapporo) doing research on the diary of a Dutch Vessel sailing around Hokkaido in 1643. www.studio-hb.nl
Since 2013 she is curator of Deshima AIR: an Artist in Residency in the Netherlands for Japanese artists. Deshima AIR is an artist based initiative to maintain and strenghen the cultural relationship between the Netherlands and Japan. http://www.deshima-air.com/

Jan van den Berg is a documentary theatre- and filmmaker in the borderland of performing arts and science, dealing with the limits of the naked eye and intellect. In 2005 he created a theatre show based on his visit to the Super-Kamiokande experiment (スーパーカミオカンデ), Gifu Prefecture. His documentary-film HIGGS – into the heart of imagination (in co-direction with Hannie van den Bergh) premièred at the prestigious IDFA documentary film festival and was awarded the Film&Science Amsterdam Award 2012. His performig arts oeuvre has been praised for being a “storytelling session of genius”.

At Studio Kura, Hannie and Jan are doing research for a multidisciplinary, two-year art project (2018-2020) inspired by the long-lasting Japanese–Dutch relationship. They will visit Hirado and Deshima and interview different experts on this cultural heritage. For the presentation they will create a lecture performance about ‘watching and being watched’.

Performance OASE, Jan van den Berg performer, Hannie van den Bergh setdesign & costume

Land art project in Pepingen (Belgium), four infographics about farming, paint, Hannie van den Bergh, concept & design

Performance Blueprint, Hannie van den Bergh concept & design

Maps for Mukojima (Tokyo), paper print, Hannie van den Bergh concept & design

Performance ‘Ten movements on ex-formation’, Kyoto, Jan van den Berg – Mississippi – Hannie van den Bergh – Nao Yoshimura performers, Hannie van den Bergh concept